Wedding Photography in Ribe

First of all, congratulations as you embark on planning your special day, and thank you so much for considering I’m Your Photographer for your upcoming wedding, it would be an honour to capture these memories with you.

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If you are like most brides-to-be….

If you are like most brides-to-be, you’ll be visiting several photographers, attending wedding fayres and exploring images and considering albums, envisioning what you want your final product to look like.

I would love to know your vision of your perfect wedding, and how I can help you make that dream a reality.

It’s hard to imagine it now

It’s hard to imagine it now, but the photographer for your wedding will be the single most important service you book. The images I capture and the albums I create – these will be your doorway back to revisiting your wedding day forever, a day that passed in a flurry of excitement.

As you look back on the beauty of the ceremony

As you look back on the beauty of the ceremony and reception the day after your wedding, the cake and the dinner that you so thoughtfully planned for the menu are gone, the tuxedos and rentals were returned, and the guests have left.

What remains after that day are your love for one another and the images we will capture together. It is for this reason that I take my role so very seriously.

your special day

That window back to your special day should be a beautiful one, one that you are proud to share with friends and family, and one that reflects the twinkle in your eye as you pore through your album with children and grandchildren.

I am always so honoured to be a part of those treasured memories.

I look forward to meeting you and your family, and I sincerely congratulate you on your upcoming wedding!

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Contemporary Portrait & Wedding Photography

I’m passionate about photography and love providing beautiful works of art to display around your home. I’m unobtrusive, discreet and a calming influence, employing years of wedding and family portrait photography experience to put you at ease and ensure you receive beautiful portraits that capture your true essence.

My aim is to be your portrait photography for life

My aim is to be your portrait photography for life, so you can build a consistently beautiful collection of ever-lasting memories from all your most important life experiences.

Thank you for considering us as your photographer for your portrait photography. It would be an honour to capture this moment in your family’s journey through life for you.

family photographer

Like most parents searching for their family photographer you’ll be researching photographers online and locally, exploring images and considering the options for displaying your portraits.

I would love to know your vision for your family portraits, and how I can help you realise that vision.

It’s hard to imagine it now, but choosing the right family photographer for you is important to ensure you’re proud of your portraits. The images I capture and the displays I create – these will be your doorway back to revisiting your children’s childhoods.

Your portrait photography is all about you

  • What makes you and your family tick?
  • What interests and passions do you have?
  • What do you believe in and value the most?
  • Are your cherubs mischievous or angelic, shy or boisterous?

Building your custom photo session around you makes your images truly reflective of your family’s personalities. And basing your photo session in a location that is personal to you provides unique backdrops to your portraits.

We want your portraits that will adorn the walls

We want your portraits that will adorn the walls of your home to be beautiful, that you are proud to share with your freiends and family, and that will evoke powerful memories as you enjoy them with your family and later with their families.

I am always so honoured to be a part of those treasured memories.

Product photographer

A product photographer, and provides 100% guaranteed photography excellence for the marketing needs of any organization.

Our product photography

Our product photography includes office products, jewelry, household goods, auto parts, beverage, wine, food, closet organizers, industrial products, eye glasses, and exteriors for brochures, websites, catalogues, and advertising for electronic and print media.

Our product photography services

Whether it is for an annual report cover, billboard, 4 color brochure or website, Our product photography services are provided in the studio or environmental ( on location).

Now is the time to distinguish and differentiate your products from your competition.

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Commercial Photographer

A Commercial Photographer specializing as a Food Photographer, Restaurant Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Architecture Photographer  Ourenvironmental food photography features not only the mouth watering food, but also the ambiance of your restaurant with  like this.

Combining food shots

Combining food shots that demand to be tasted with our widely popular interior and exterior architectural photography provides a complete solution to restaurants and hotels. 

We love working with models or your team to capture people enjoying your food and drink in the restaurant.

Architectural Photographer

Im a commercial photographer specializing as an architecture photographer that provides 100% guaranteed excellence and “wow factor” for the marketing needs of any organization.

Architectural Photography services

Architectural Photography services include interior photography that captures the architect’s vision with both wide surround as well as tightly focused architectural and decorating accents. 

Making commercial, industrial and residential exteriors

Making commercial, industrial and residential exteriors look exceptional is the daily feat of our exterior photography on site or from the air. Depending on the direction the building faces, the exterior architecture shots are often shot at dusk or dawn to highlight the beauty of the structure in great light. 

Industrial, public, office, municipal, courts, schools, aerial, commercial and residential. Whether it is for an annual report cover, menu or website… Now is the time to distinguish and differentiate your premises (architecture) from your competition. 

Professional Photographers

As a member of the Professional Photographers of Denmark and the Professional Photographers of Copenhagen.

focused architectural and decorating accents

Architectural Photography services include interior photography that captures the architect’s vision with both wide surround and tightly focused architectural and decorating accents. 

Making commercial, industrial and residential exteriors look beautiful is the goal of our exterior photography on site or from the air. Depending on the direction the building faces, the exterior architecture shots are often shot at dusk or dawn to highlight the beauty of the structure in great light.

Are you looking to learn photography?

Are you looking to learn photography? Seeking a one-on-one workshop or field-trip taught by a photographer with years of experience teaching aspiring photographers of all skill levels?

in search of a photography instructor

Perhaps you are in search of a photography instructor who can also help you learn Adobe Photoshop®, Lightroom® or Photoshop Elements®. A hands-on teacher of camera skills that will last you a lifetime.

Hans Muggesen has provided instruction to some of today’s best wedding photographers, action, landscape, and fine art shooters. Text or email today to schedule a lesson that will change the way you look through a lens.

Private Location Portraits

  • Art
  • Anniversary
  • Boudoir
  • Engagement
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Model – Headshot & Portfolio
  • Pet
  • Publicity / Public Relations 
  • Pin-up Type / Maxim Style

Session fees are payable at time of booking. Pricing applies to on-location sessions and does not include holidays.

Commercial photography

  • Architectural & Office Interiors
  • Executive Portraits (On-Site)
  • Industrial / Facilities
  • Staff Portraits

With my experience in advertising, graphic design, and website development, great pride is taken in my ability to work cohesively with your internet and advertising partners.

A career graphic arts professional and longtime provider of photographic services ranging from editorial and lifestyle, to sport, private, and commercial.

Wedding Photography With Style

You have come to the right place. We Shoot Stunning Wedding Photography Creating something that can be looked back on and ignite a spark of happiness and memories for a couple in love years to come.

  • Have a Wedding or Event soon? 
  • Looking for Photography Services?

We know that wedding photography is serious business

We know that wedding photography is serious business, so the latest professional grade cameras and lenses are equipped to capture vast multitudes of moments happening within those few precious hours on your wedding day. 

I don’t like to over complicate things, Keeping “posing” to a minimum for formals and everything else natural, fresh and fun is the key to getting amazing wedding photographs. Out of sight out of mind! I just love it when I hear a bride say to me, “wow, I didn’t even know you were there for that.” 

a lifetime photographs

Don’t leave your once in a lifetime photographs In the hands of a once in a while photographer or amateur. We love to tell couples stories through a creative artistic style of Wedding Photography. Helping everyone who see’s your album to experience what you did that day through the eyes of our lenses. We love to capture people as they really are with expression and emotion to tell a story.

natural light and professional lenses

I rely mostly on natural light and professional lenses to provide the most stunning engagement, bridal and wedding photography images,  but am fully equipped to handle any lighting situation at a moment’s notice. I will get the shot!

The best quality service

The best quality service and products at very reasonable prices. Whether it’s capturing your unforgettable moments on your wedding day or the celebration of or the family coming together, we also do family portraits!  We specialize in in wedding photography but also work to to fit your needs wants & budget.

timeless photographic works

Now ask yourself one question. Do I just want pictures?  Or timeless photographic works from a photographer who pays close attention to detail making me look my absolute best on my big day?

I love to capture some traditional posed images where everyone is looking at the lens but I also strive to capture the moments when no one is aware of my cameras.

Whether it’s a Wedding, Engagement or any other event, it is my passion to capture all the right moments as they unfold. I deliver the best photography available to Most of Denmark with over 10 years experience my prices cannot be matched.

When the day is done, music is over and caterers gone. The cake eaten and limo drove on my photographs remain for years to come. 

We offer professional wedding photographers

One dedicated to the traditional photographic style and one dedicated to the reportage/conceptual styles. Only with pro wedding photographers can you fully capture the emotion and special moments of your wedding day.

Catering for your individual needs

As every family and hence every wedding is different, we understand you will have individual needs and special requirements. Our wedding photographers will meet with you prior to your big day, so we understand these needs and requirements. By organising this prior to the day we can leave you to enjoy your wedding experience with minimal interruptions from us.

Fully trained and committed to the highest standards

We are qualified to Degree level, with many years within the photographic industry, we are proud to work in association with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. We also teach photography to prospective professionals with DMC Photography College and Digitalmasterclass.

Wedding Photographer in Ebeltoft

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Ebeltoft, you need look no further than Wedding Photography Ebeltoft. …………. an experienced Wedding Photographer in Ebeltoft and works throughout Somerset, he uses a mixture of wedding photography styles and is happy to accommodate any specific photography requests.

See the great wedding photos here

planning your Wedding day

There is so much to think about when planning your Wedding day and the Wedding Photographer is an important part of that planning. There’s lots of Wedding Photographers in Ebeltoft in Denmark to choose from but it’s so important to choose a Wedding Photographer with experience and all the assets to make your Wedding album perfect.

the Ebeltoft Wedding Photographer

It’s a good idea to meet the Ebeltoft Wedding Photographer before the Wedding so you can be sure that you get on with the photographer and will be happy to have them there on your special day. At the end of the day as well as taking those all important pictures the Wedding photographer is going to be at your wedding throughout the day and evening, so you want a Ebeltoft Wedding Photographer with a good personality that will be fun to have around without gaining anymore attention than necessary.

By meeting the Wedding Photographer in advance you can also have a close look at their previous Wedding Photographs and discuss any specific photograph ideas you have in mind, the Photographer can also make some suggestions for photographs that you may wish to have.

Wedding Photography styles

Another consideration is Wedding Photography styles, there are various styles including Traditional, Candid and Contempory. Most good Wedding Photographers in Ebeltoft will use a mixture of these styles but if you have a specific style you would like, this can be discussed when you meet the Wedding Photographer.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional Wedding Photography is what you may expect from the name, basically posed Photographs. For example the posed Photographs outside the Church or venue, the photographs with the Wedding car. These are the sort of Photographs that have been in almost all Wedding albums through the years and continue to be popular today.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography is almost the opposite of traditional. The Wedding Photographer will be far more subtle and instead of organising Photo opportunities will capture them as they arise throughout the day. This is incredibly popular these days and can make for some fantastic pictures.

Contempory Wedding Photography

Contempory Wedding Photography is slightly harder to describe as it depends more upon the Wedding Photographers individual style. Contempory basically means fashionable so as with anything within fashion it’s in the eye of the individual to a degree. These photographs are often arranged on the day when the opportunity arises due to a certain light or certain backdrop at a location. If done correctly they can result in some stunning Photographs. As mentioned above a mixture of these styles will result in a beautiful Wedding album with a good variation and hopefully fantastic memories for years to come.

Copenhagen Bridal Boudoir

Copenhagen Bridal Boudoir photographers

The past few years have seen the photographers through Big Day Weddings photographing thirty plus weddings a year, in fact after becoming Time Out Recommended for Copenhagen that meant having to turn some wedding work down to make sure that it didn’t take away from studio and location shoots.

A fabulous boudoir album

What it did mean however was a big upsurge in wonderful bridal boudoir work. These days one of the ultimate gifts a newly married groom can receive is a fabulous boudoir album or presentation disc of files to blow hubby away!  Imagine presenting the man of your dreams a sexy folio of yourself as a private gift to him on your wedding night…

Come and have a wonderfully relaxed time with the boudoir photographer and co, don’t worry if it’s not us photographing your actual wedding as we are busy enough with those, and besides we can’t do every wedding couple in Copenhagen anyway!

Dedicated boudoir studio ready for you

We have props, lingerie, fully equipped studio and dedicated boudoir studio ready for you. Bring your own special wear of course, but if you fancy why not bring a little wedding paraphernalia too, for instance a veil in the boudoir bedroom or studio can look stunning.

As far as wedding boudoir in Copenhagen goes, and our new brides feedback, we know what works!

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