How can I arrange my photoshoot?

reserve your photoshoot. Even if you just want to ask us any questions about the industry please feel free.

How can I pay?

We can accept payment by credit / debit card using Paypal or when you see us.

Where is your Studio based?

We are in the EC1 area of London with three tube stations surrounding us, Angel, Old Street or Barbican. It’s really easy to find us by tube, bus or car. Check out the map on our contact page.

What are your prices like?

Check out our PRICES page.

How do you compare to the competition?

There are many studios shooting model tests and photoshoots. We only shoot model tests 4 days a month the rest of our work is actual fashion commercial work. We are diffirent because we are actually in the industry shooting and so bring our expirience with us.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. everything is in writing on this website.

Are there any other models in the studio?

Often yes. For the main reason that to be a professional model you have to get used to lots of other people being around. It helps you build your confidence in front of the camera and sets you off in the right direction to being a professional.

Can I bring a friend for support?

Yes you can but you will learn quicker and work differently when there is nobody around who you know. We do have a full female team with us at all times for your safety and comfort. We do however insist no boyfriends at the shoot as we have other models around in the studio and on a pro photoshoot its a big NO NO!

Can I have a range of different looks?

Yes upto around 5 sets but bring more just in case.

Can I bring some magazine tear sheets and ideas with me?

Yes we encourage it. In fact we want you to Email us 10 images from shoots you like so we can get an idea of what your visions are for you shoot and teach you how to gain them.

What shall I bring with me to the shoot?

We don’t supply outfits on the shoot. Depending on the style of your shoot you can always call us for any advice.

How shall I prepare for the shoot?

Simple come with as little make up and products in your hair as possible. The hair and makeup artist will appreciate that as it helps her creat a look from scratch. And bring your iPod so we can listen to your sounds.

What’s the studio like?

Check out the images. It’s really spacious and homely. We have free internet and full kitchen facilities.

What can I take home on the day?

Nothing. The images are made available online a few days after the shoot so you can view the images with your agent. Its a pro photoshoot so we have to have a little time to edit the images.

Who owns copyright of the pictures?

We do! However you can use the images for any promotion you wish in your portfolio, online and with your model agencies. (See the info at the bottom of the page)

Do you offer retouching?

Yes! Images are fully retouched and can be made available for £22.50

Photo shoot-Terms & Conditions
1/ Photoshoots are by appointment only.

2/ Cancellations have to be given to us 24 hours prior to the shoot to enable us to reschedule. If cancellation’s are not received and we have a no-show situation a blacklist system comes into operation where agencies are informed.

2/ Each model is allotted a time slot to prepare makeup and hair. If a model is going to be late just inform us so the day can reshuffled.

3/ Payment for the shoot and also hair & makeup is due on the day unless a prior arrangement has been made by your agency.

4/ Print orders are only accepted by e-mail using our online order form. This gives us the order in writing and a time and date of receipt, by keeping it all digital enables us to speedup work flow. Payment must be received before dispatch of order.

5/ Ordered prints are cleaned up and prepared for final output at the discretion of the print retoucher. If specific instructions are requested for retouch a fee would be incurred depending on requirements.

6/ Original digital files are stored for a period of nine months from the date of the shoot and then disposed of.

7/ Retouched images are stored for a period of one year from the date of the shoot and then disposed of.

8/ Online directories are stored online for a period of six weeks and are then removed.

Preparing for your shoot

1. Clothes: Although your shoot consists of four outfits you will want to bring as many as possible. This will help the photographer and makeup artist select what will look best for your photos. Your clothes should be fashionable, form fitting, and solid bright colors works best. You don’t want your clothes to look big on you. It only results in making you look bigger than you really are. If you don’t have many clothes then ask some of your friends or go shopping for a few cool outfits. Sometimes models will shop specifically for clothes to shoot and return them after the shoot. Some clothes may look great to shoot in but you wouldn’t wear them out. Bring different color bras and underwear. Your shoes aren’t that important because most shots will not show your feet. One look will be a full length shot and may show your feet so make sure your shoes will match.

2. Body: Come to the shoot with a clean body, hair, and teeth. Girls, shave your arms and legs. Your fingers and toe nails should be clear in color. Your hair should be an even color. Showing discolored roots doesn’t look good. If you have tan lines that will show then try to lose them. It’s always best not to have tan lines. Drink lots of water a few days before your shoot as it will help your complexion look its best. Get lots of rest and don’t go out drinking or partying the night before your shoot. Believe me you want look or feel good.

3. Preparation: Checkout some magazines where you can find models that have the same look as you. Collect Tearsheet’s and bring them to the shoot, we can’t guarantee using them but it sometimes helps the photographer and makeup artist get a better understanding of how to shoot you. With our unique way of shooting and creating poses you will not need to practice posing beforehand. Bring your current portfolio if you have one as we will be able to judge what your requirements will be for your book

4. Don’t bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to your shoot: Many times new models will feel nervous or will look to their friend for approval and they become distracted. Sometimes even parents can intimidate the models. Many of us act differently around our parents than we normally would and it affects your look while shooting. Shooting is much like acting and you have to feel good about giving the photographer the look he’s shooting. The photographer could be telling you to look happy or sad, sexy or mad, whatever the look calls for then the model should be able to produce. For security reasons we always have a makeup artist on set so everybody is safe and sound.

5. Don’t be late! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio, there may be other models before/after you, If you happen to be running late please phone us to let us know your running late

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