How To Be An Active, Sought After Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography as a profession has experienced a wide growth nowadays. The need for professional photographers with innovative ideas is in great demand today. In this competitive world, talented photographers should ensure a position in this demanding market.

Everything has gone online. Video photography service has also gone online. People are searching for the best wedding photographer first look for the same on the internet. Internet experts like the ones found at the SEO companies in Denmark provide customization for websites thereby making their presence visible online. This ensures that finding a wedding photographer is only a click away from the user. Professional wedding photographers should ensure they maintain the desired qualities as suggested in fashion website Websites like these are invaluable to professionals who wish to recreate the glam look that is often highlighted in such online magazines.

Any business which has its presence in this era goes online for a wide reach out amongst the audience. To make the business a success, a Professional videographer should ensure that they have a good presence online, for better attraction. The essential ways the professional should perform to kick start their online presence are as below:


This not only suits individuals but also suits for all kind of products. To identified as a professional photographer one has to showcase their talent and personality in the most possible ways possible. Nowadays photographers are chosen, taking into consideration whether they are trustworthy, understandable and friendly.

Build a website

This may sound weird, but nowadays even for marketing a pen, a website is created. The websites should portray the photographic works, personality, ability and nature of the photographer in a positive way. This not only helps in hired by couples who are going to be married, but also photography service providers can hire them.

Photo-sharing social sites

Building audiences for the photographs taken by the professional wedding photographer will give huge fan following with no marketing. There are many photos sharing websites like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc. Engage the audience by requesting them to comment on the photograph.

Updates & designing

Updates on the photographic skills done by the photographer should be done frequently to keep in touch with the audience. In addition to the photos, one can add captions, quotes, or a little story about the moment that took place while taking a photograph. This will give a personal touch to the audience, makes the photographer more memorable. A graphic expert’s help is needed to make a beautiful become extra beautiful.

Usage of social websites

Presence in social sites like Facebook and twitter helps a lot in building an audience. A prominent presence in these sites with frequent updates, stories, photo sharing etc will give a positive response to the availability of the photographer. Create a collage of all the best shots of that year, and post it on social websites. Requesting for the feedbacks from the audience will turn out a huge crowd of the audience to that particular post.

The utmost requirement of a couple or customer from a professional photographer is to make their moments remarkable and memorable by converting it to photos. People choose the best photographer who makes an emotional impact in the photos, capturing the lively moments.

Wedding Photographers Copenhagen

What to look for Wedding Photographers Miami

Wedding photographers Copenhagen welcomes you to this website. One of the most important things to look at in wedding photographers in Copenhagen is on how to choose your wedding photographers in Copenhagen. Today’s tip is number one because I think it is the most important it’s called chemistry. So why do I think that this is the most important tip when searching for a wedding photographers in Copenhagen is because chemistry is everything. You can pick wedding photographers in Copenhagen for their artist talent or for your budget which are both important but I think that the most important thing is do you connect with that person. This is after all the person that is going to spend the whole day with you, they will see you in your underwear, they will see you when you are meeting your girls for the first time or your bride but they are going to be there even when you think you are all alone.

See some photos from Denmark here

Wedding photographers Copenhagen is just the beginning

Another reason why I think chemistry is important is because the wedding day is just the beginning of your relationship with wedding photographer in Copenhagen.  Whereas with your other vendors, like your florist, your cake by the time that your wedding happens you have already had that relationship of preparation and the wedding is the execution of what they have been doing in conjunction with you to showcase your image. But here at the wedding photographers Copenhagen, our wedding photographers we are the one that is going to be your friend for the rest of your life, we are going to be the one taking your baby pictures when they are growing to be taking extended family pictures, your wedding picture anniversary and that’s why I think that chemistry is important in that case.

Look at some great galleries here

Professional Wedding Photographers Copenhagen known’s how to do it right.

Our Professional wedding photographers Copenhagen Company takes pride of the fact that we have invested in this business for several years now. We make it our concern to know the latest professional wedding photography equipments and all the latest wedding styles. And as we continue to learn about these new professional photography tools and techniques, we see to it that our wedding photographers Copenhagen services show this. Thus, you can expect the most advanced wedding photographers Copenhagen equipments so that to deliver the perfect wedding day.

How do Professional wedding photographers Copenhagen guarantee their work?

The wedding photographers Copenhagen Company can also guarantee you of reasonable prices for their wedding photography in Copenhagen services. Gone are the days of getting charged with ridiculously high fees for wedding photographers Copenhagen services. Our professionalism dictates that we will be transparent and honest when dealing with our clients and we take this seriously. 

So rather than making a decision based on a website that you saw and an email that you sent off to that wedding photographers in Copenhagen asking about their price try to connect to know if this is the kind of person you do want to have in your life forever. Budget is important and so is artist talent but I think chemistry is something that can be highly rewarding to have in wedding photographers in Copenhagen.

When Film Beats Digital

While everyone has continuously been moving forward with the digital technology, I tried moving a step back to experience another way of looking at the world – LOMOGRAPHY!

I was in Hongkong last November 2-7 and there I started my journey shooting photos with film again. Truly, film still is superior over digital in terms of the exposure latitude that it has. There’s none of those eye-straining-blown-out-highlights and detail is everywhere.

But what makes this more interesting is not about using film but the camera used. Lomo cameras are fun to use. While there’s still a bit of technique involve, it wouldn’t be such a hassle to shoot because it is designed as a toy camera where any mistake you do can still result into something artistic.

Here’s a couple of my favorite shots I have. I still have a couple of rolls that didn’t make it to developing but I’ll post it as soon as it comes out.


E-commerce a new term in the world economy emerged with the spread of the Internet in the early nineties of thecentury Alashran that some researchers have pointed to the existence of the seventies in the last century through the exchange of electronic information between systems, industrial companies.

It is any commercial activity is via the Internet. There are those defined as any commercial activity is through the use of communications and information technology, as it may include in addition to the use of Internet, mobile and fixed telephone, television and other means of electronic communication.

All about SEO here

Silver used for photography


Silver chemical element with the symbol Ag and atomic number 47 in the periodic table of elements.
Silver precious metal, white color, a precious metal known since ancient times as defined by the ancient Egyptians, Arabs and Chinese and used in jewelery industry and in medicine and disease prevention. It is used in the Minting In completely ornaments such as gold industry, but it is less valuable.

Silver element

Is an element symbolized by the letters Ag acronym for the word «Orzintm» (Latin: Argentum) and attributed to him the State of Argentina (silver land), where they found silver in abundance. And it is one of the relatively precious elements.

Silver found in nature in several forms, including pure metal in Norway and Canada – and Peru in the form of metal Alarzinat Ag2S- and in the form of silver chloride as in Mexico and Canada, there is usually mixed with other metals such as gold, copper and lead.

White metal to a high degree of luster can be polished and highly polished. With the exception of gold, the silver of the most ductile metals and roads. In terms of delivery of heat and electricity, it is superior to all other metals, ranging in hardness between 2.5 and 2.7 Mohs scale of hardness, where it is more than gold, but the softest of copper. The silver metal in the transitional Group No. (II) of the periodic table, atomic, number (47), and atomic weight of 107.868, and has a specific weight of 10.5. Fused silver at a temperature of (962) degrees Celsius. And up to the boiling point at a temperature of (2212) degrees Celsius.

Silver properties

Free silver found in nature as there are in the form of raw materials, notably crude silver sulfide, and silver chloride. As silver and arsenic found in Alantamon ores, often copper, zinc and lead ores containing silver metal. And that a large part of the silver behind a presentation elements when mining ores that we mentioned above. And silver metals are all higher than in its ability to heat and electrical plug and lags behind only gold in the usability of roads and clouds, in any sheet tortillas very high-wire act.

And fused silver at a temperature (960 ° C), if heated in a vacuum, or in an atmosphere of nitrogen, and fused into the air at a temperature (923 ° C), so as to dissolved oxygen from the air, and increases the melting of oxygen in the molten silver higher the score the molten heat In temperature (973) dissolves per cubic centimeter of molten silver (20.3) cubic centimeters of oxygen and silver melt (RFID) in nitric acid, the center of it and composed diluted silver nitrate. It also affected by sulfuric acid in the hot place to be Kipritdat silver but they hold up in the face of hydrochloric acid and alkali.

Date of silver metal

I have known since antiquity silver as decorative metal values ​​it is also used as currency, where several mines in Asia Minor was held before the year 2500 BC solutions. In the Islamic Ages silver used in making pots and coins. And indicates the Peronist in the fourth century AH / tenth the AD to the existence of mixed silver with gold, not mixed with it and it seems that he intended mixing Union between elements of the confusion is the blending do we mean in the present time in chemistry, he says in his book Aljmaher: “In the village and Sinanh near Zroban found At times iron mixed with silver and it was not mingled flake is characterized by the non-dissolved, it found the piece of pure silver in iron metal cut and divided the secret. ” It is the chemical point of view, silver is not hyperactive minerals. Silver does not dissolve in dilute acids and in alkalis but insoluble in nitric acid or sulfuric acid Center, which does not react with oxygen or water at normal temperatures. And attack each of sulfur and silver sulfide, silver may lose its luster due to be silver sulfide on the surface of the metal. The bleach that contains a reasonable amount of sulfur as a component of proteins-silver loses its luster very quickly. It also loses its luster small amounts of sulfides that exist naturally in the atmosphere, which is added to the gas used in homes, such as hydrogen sulfide. The black silver sulfide from more salts insoluble in aqueous solutions, and take advantage of this feature in the separation of silver ions from other positive ions.


Use old

Due to the ability of high silver to kill bacteria and microorganisms and algae Arabs used in water purification, where the water placed in the proximity made from the skin of a sheep and fills nearly three-quarters with water and the remaining air and placed in the water, metal pieces of silver coins and during a long flight distances vibrating Bagpipes Vtank the pieces to each other, resulting in the melting of a small fraction of silver in the water in the form of ultra-soft powder leads to kill bacteria and disinfect the water.

Modern uses

1-Water Purification

Can be used silver newly in water purification, rather than using non-chlorine safe health, where studies have shown that the dose of silver in water purification less than one in a billion, equivalent to one milligram per cubic of water per square meter, which means that the cost of treatment up to about half penny Egyptian currency, while chlorine cost three pennies, along with risks to workers and the population of people around the chlorine gas, as recent studies have shown that chlorine is carcinogenic and causes abortion pregnant, prevents the adhesion of the embryo, where the wall of the uterus. From this point of silver can be used in the sterilization of other types of water, such as water used in power plants, water and sewage, and industrial cooling towers and water pools.

2-In medicine

Silver medical applications such as ointments industry, and currently is used silver in the treatment of foot diabetic patients, where they are set percentage of sugar in the body and the use of water baths genitive oxygen water and the restaurant ions silver, where the killing of contaminated microorganisms ulcers in the foot and then leave a light layer of silver based preventing the growth of any other objects.

Due to the ability of high silver to kill bacteria and microorganisms and algae Arabs used in water purification, where the water placed in the proximity made from the skin of a sheep and fills nearly three-quarters with water and the remaining air and placed in the water, metal pieces of silver coins and during a long flight distances vibrating Bagpipes Vtank the pieces to each other, resulting in the melting of a small fraction of silver in the water in the form of ultra-soft powder leads to kill bacteria and disinfect the water.

3-In mental illness

Recent studies have shown that for silver effect is mechanical known on the psychological state of the human being, and that is used in psychological medicine treatment in most of the drugs of the United States, also contribute to the prevention of serious diseases, so widespread in America now so-called Bmalq silver, a slushy by the many volumes of solution silver in the form of ultra-soft powder by up to about 500 mg per liter of silver, which is taken by mouth at a rate of one teaspoon per day.

4-Other uses

And used vehicles (Highgyen Selver) resistance in viruses and diseases in poultry and livestock farms, and also in the massacres of poultry meat in the packaged food factories, hospitals and factories bottled water. Silver is used in the production of many types of anti fabric of Bactariyawalverosat, for example shoes stench that produce them because they are confidential no ventilation her causing bacteria that smell caused by race and this could be some ions enter the silver made him Stocking permanently tissue or in the same tread.

Læs mere om fotografering

What to expect from your shoot

Our first conversation will be mainly getting to know one another and the work you need completed. Let’s be honest here pretty much anyone can push the button on a camera and take a photo.

Today’s point and shoot cameras can be very good even with little or no experience. In order to really give you what you want I need to understand what you’re looking for.

We need to get to know each other. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the process I love getting to know my customers. Once I understand what you’re looking for I can tailor my approach to your event.

Customization & Fee Schedule.

During the process of our initial consultation we’ll go over the standard packages available for the type of event you’re scheduling. Hopefully we’ll find one that exactly meets your needs. If not we’ll customize a package to fit what you’re looking for. I believe that flexibility is truly key to any good working relationship. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you have beautiful photos of your special event or portrait session. We’ll work together to make that happen within your means.

Details Details Details.

Depending on the scope of your shoot we’ll need to meet to discuss the fine details. This meeting may happen several days before your shoot or perhaps just before we begin depending how involved we need to get. I’ll need to know if there are special details you want to capture or little things you want to focus on. This is what will define your images as yours and not just generic shots.

Your Shoot.

Once your shoot is in process I’ll work hard to incorporate all I have learned from you in our conversations. I shouldn’t require much input from you leaving you free to enjoy yourself. If we’re taking portraits we’ll work through different poses and locations to find the shots we’re looking for. Smile relax and have fun. I’ll be shooting what you’re looking for and if you come up with something new in the process I’ll incorporate that too.


It’s not uncommon to shoot literally hundreds of photos during a session sometimes significantly more than that. Once the session is complete the photos will be uploaded and painstakingly reviewed by me. The shots that make the cut are processed to fine tune exposure and color they are straightened and cropped (if needed) and re-saved. From the finished product I can then re-process the images as black & white color isolated and creative images. It’s not uncommon to have four different versions of the same shot using different processes. This is a very time consuming process (up to two weeks) but completely necessary.

Review & Purchase.

Once processing is complete the images will be uploaded to this site in a password protected gallery for your review. Multiple galleries will be set up separating different phases of the session as well as processing styles this makes it easier to navigate your photos in stages rather than one huge mass of images. Family and friends abroad can be given the web address and password to review and purchase prints at their convenience. Images will remain on the site for a minimum of one year after publishing.Prints and unique products can be purchased directly through a secure server on your gallery with your major credit card.

How can I arrange my photoshoot?

reserve your photoshoot. Even if you just want to ask us any questions about the industry please feel free.

How can I pay?

We can accept payment by credit / debit card using Paypal or when you see us.

Where is your Studio based?

We are in the EC1 area of London with three tube stations surrounding us, Angel, Old Street or Barbican. It’s really easy to find us by tube, bus or car. Check out the map on our contact page.

What are your prices like?

Check out our PRICES page.

How do you compare to the competition?

There are many studios shooting model tests and photoshoots. We only shoot model tests 4 days a month the rest of our work is actual fashion commercial work. We are diffirent because we are actually in the industry shooting and so bring our expirience with us.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. everything is in writing on this website.

Are there any other models in the studio?

Often yes. For the main reason that to be a professional model you have to get used to lots of other people being around. It helps you build your confidence in front of the camera and sets you off in the right direction to being a professional.

Can I bring a friend for support?

Yes you can but you will learn quicker and work differently when there is nobody around who you know. We do have a full female team with us at all times for your safety and comfort. We do however insist no boyfriends at the shoot as we have other models around in the studio and on a pro photoshoot its a big NO NO!

Can I have a range of different looks?

Yes upto around 5 sets but bring more just in case.

Can I bring some magazine tear sheets and ideas with me?

Yes we encourage it. In fact we want you to Email us 10 images from shoots you like so we can get an idea of what your visions are for you shoot and teach you how to gain them.

What shall I bring with me to the shoot?

We don’t supply outfits on the shoot. Depending on the style of your shoot you can always call us for any advice.

How shall I prepare for the shoot?

Simple come with as little make up and products in your hair as possible. The hair and makeup artist will appreciate that as it helps her creat a look from scratch. And bring your iPod so we can listen to your sounds.

What’s the studio like?

Check out the images. It’s really spacious and homely. We have free internet and full kitchen facilities.

What can I take home on the day?

Nothing. The images are made available online a few days after the shoot so you can view the images with your agent. Its a pro photoshoot so we have to have a little time to edit the images.

Who owns copyright of the pictures?

We do! However you can use the images for any promotion you wish in your portfolio, online and with your model agencies. (See the info at the bottom of the page)

Do you offer retouching?

Yes! Images are fully retouched and can be made available for £22.50

Photo shoot-Terms & Conditions
1/ Photoshoots are by appointment only.

2/ Cancellations have to be given to us 24 hours prior to the shoot to enable us to reschedule. If cancellation’s are not received and we have a no-show situation a blacklist system comes into operation where agencies are informed.

2/ Each model is allotted a time slot to prepare makeup and hair. If a model is going to be late just inform us so the day can reshuffled.

3/ Payment for the shoot and also hair & makeup is due on the day unless a prior arrangement has been made by your agency.

4/ Print orders are only accepted by e-mail using our online order form. This gives us the order in writing and a time and date of receipt, by keeping it all digital enables us to speedup work flow. Payment must be received before dispatch of order.

5/ Ordered prints are cleaned up and prepared for final output at the discretion of the print retoucher. If specific instructions are requested for retouch a fee would be incurred depending on requirements.

6/ Original digital files are stored for a period of nine months from the date of the shoot and then disposed of.

7/ Retouched images are stored for a period of one year from the date of the shoot and then disposed of.

8/ Online directories are stored online for a period of six weeks and are then removed.

Preparing for your shoot

1. Clothes: Although your shoot consists of four outfits you will want to bring as many as possible. This will help the photographer and makeup artist select what will look best for your photos. Your clothes should be fashionable, form fitting, and solid bright colors works best. You don’t want your clothes to look big on you. It only results in making you look bigger than you really are. If you don’t have many clothes then ask some of your friends or go shopping for a few cool outfits. Sometimes models will shop specifically for clothes to shoot and return them after the shoot. Some clothes may look great to shoot in but you wouldn’t wear them out. Bring different color bras and underwear. Your shoes aren’t that important because most shots will not show your feet. One look will be a full length shot and may show your feet so make sure your shoes will match.

2. Body: Come to the shoot with a clean body, hair, and teeth. Girls, shave your arms and legs. Your fingers and toe nails should be clear in color. Your hair should be an even color. Showing discolored roots doesn’t look good. If you have tan lines that will show then try to lose them. It’s always best not to have tan lines. Drink lots of water a few days before your shoot as it will help your complexion look its best. Get lots of rest and don’t go out drinking or partying the night before your shoot. Believe me you want look or feel good.

3. Preparation: Checkout some magazines where you can find models that have the same look as you. Collect Tearsheet’s and bring them to the shoot, we can’t guarantee using them but it sometimes helps the photographer and makeup artist get a better understanding of how to shoot you. With our unique way of shooting and creating poses you will not need to practice posing beforehand. Bring your current portfolio if you have one as we will be able to judge what your requirements will be for your book

4. Don’t bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to your shoot: Many times new models will feel nervous or will look to their friend for approval and they become distracted. Sometimes even parents can intimidate the models. Many of us act differently around our parents than we normally would and it affects your look while shooting. Shooting is much like acting and you have to feel good about giving the photographer the look he’s shooting. The photographer could be telling you to look happy or sad, sexy or mad, whatever the look calls for then the model should be able to produce. For security reasons we always have a makeup artist on set so everybody is safe and sound.

5. Don’t be late! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio, there may be other models before/after you, If you happen to be running late please phone us to let us know your running late

SEO trick: hunt your inbound links

Probably one of the most important things for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the art of trying to get your website to rank high in Google and other search engines – is building lots of high-quality inbound links.

Inbound links are other websites that link to your site. Search engines view these as metaphorical “votes” for your site, and rank websites that have lots of inbound links higher than those that don’t. (This is a major oversimplification, but this is a SEO 101 lesson, not a nuanced article.)

How many inbound links do you have? Good question! Here’s a simple trick to find out approximately how many inbound links search engines are counting for your website. Just go to (you can do this in Google too, but Google doesn’t show you but a small percentage of the inbound links it has indexed for your site) and type in

In the search bar, like so:

…and press Enter. On the next screen you should be able to see an approximate count of how many links to your site have been indexed by search engines.

You can also use this trick to hunt the backlinks of any sites you want. Frustrated by that other photographer in your area who ranks higher than you in search engines? Check out how many links they have! Chances are it’s more than you.

In future posts I’ll give some tips on building inbound links and making sure that you get credit for all of the ones you do have, but for now, happy hunting!

WordPress Theme for Professional Photographers

  • Single-column, optimized for 1024px width screen resolution
  • Built-in flash movie slideshow header area, see demo!  Accomplished by pre-configuring the theme to work out of the box with Flashfader, a free plug-in for WordPress developed by Marcus Grellert. 
  • Widget-friendly sidebar/footer area beneath the main content for links, archives, categories, search, RSS, etc. 
  • Easily add your own custom logo, masthead, and bio picture
  • In depth custom bio area
  • Optimized for display of huge 900 x 600 pixel images, see demo! 
  • 30-day 110% money back guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied, email us for a full refund plus 10% more for wasting your time. 
  • Inline comments, no need to click to another page to see and add comments, thanks to the free plugin Ajaxd-WordPress
  • beautiful, dynamically generated pull-down menus for archives, categories, and links (Blogroll) 
  • Installs in minutes
  • WordPress blogs will import your Blogger blog with one click, also Moveable Type, Typepad, LiveJournal, and other blogging platforms 
  • Easily styled to match your business brand
  • Seamlessly integrates with the best free blogging software on the planet, WordPress
  • Excellent online documentation, including video tutorials on how to install WordPress.
  • If you want us to install WordPress and Prophoto for you, click here to purchase our handheld package for only $169.  
  • Customizable main links, including link to your portfolio 
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Buy with confidence with secure and easy credit card payments through PayPal 
  • Requires WordPress version 2.3.2 or greater.  Upgrading an old version of WordPress is free and easy.

photography skills FAQ’s

Q: What skills do I need to enter this field?

A: All you need are basic computer and photography skills. 

Q: Do I have to go through any job “interviews” to work for these companies?

A: No. You will probably never actually meet anyone face-to-face from the companies that you will be working for. For instance; you may live in Copenhagen, but will be working for companies based in New York, Georgia and California. You’ll receive your assignments via phone or email.

Q: How do I get assignments once I have finished your training manual?

A: I provide you with the names, websites and contact information for over 100 national firms that have a constant and growing need for trained “reps” throughout the US. These firm’s clients include 1000’s of banking, leasing and insurance institutions. Once you have completed my manual, I will also show you the proper way to contact them and let them know that you are ready to start accepting assignments.

Q: I have never done this before, how will I know what to do?

A: Don’t worry, these companies are used to working with “newbies”. When they give you assignments, they will tell you exactly what the need for you to do. Remember, you are an ASSET to them. They need you to service their clients. All of the companies in my manual have proven to be pleasant to work with. If I get any complaints, I’ll remove them from my resource list.

Q: How often is your contact list updated?

A: I update it annually, or when new information dictates an update. It was last updated on 1-1-2017 and now includes over 100 (and growing) nationwide firms needing immediate help nationwide. Past purchasers can get the latest updates by simply emailing me.

Q: Is there anything else that I will have to purchase besides your manual? 

A: There are no “add-on” or “back-end” products or scams here! My manual contains everything that you’ll need to get started immediately. You also receive 12 sample forms used by these companies on actual assignments. 

Q: Is this just another scam to get my money?

A: Trust me, I don’t get rich selling my manuals. I make my living working in the industry. You are getting years of “insider” information that you can’t find anywhere else.

Q: How hard is it to get started?

A: After you complete the manual, you will simply contact these companies (per my instructions) with the types of assignments that you are willing to accept, and the areas that you are willing to service . As you will discover, these companies constantly need new “reps” and will be happy to hear from you.

Q: How soon can I start making money?

A: Many people start receiving assignments immediately after submitting their information to the companies. However, in most cases, I would allow to 7 -14 days to be placed in their systems and begin receiving assignments. You will normally be paid by check for all assignments that you have completed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the companies you are working for.

Q: What equipment will I need to get started?

A: To get started you will a home or cell phone, computer, measuring tape, and a basic digital camera (2 mega pixel or above w/flash), clipboard, notepad, pens. You must also have the ability to upload your photos to your computer so that you can email them to the companies. 

Q: Do I have to get dressed up for assignments?

A: No. Most types of assignments require little or no contact with others. Blue jeans, sneakers and a polo/golf type shirt are perfectly acceptable.

Q: Will your program work in countries other than the US?

A: Although all of the resources currently found in my manual are US based, this opportunity also exists in Canada, Europe & Australia. You will learn how to easily research companies needing these services in your area once you complete my manual.

Q: Am I limited to assignments my home town?

A: No. You can also service your surrounding counties/towns/zip codes. You are not limited as to where you can accept assignments as long as you can complete your assignments in a timely manner. You are usually given 3-5 business days to complete each assignment. Rush jobs pay extra!

Q: What if I have questions after I purchase your program?

A: I truly want you to be happy and successful in this industry. You will receive unlimited email support. I normally answer emailed questions within 24 hours. Usually much faster.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?

A: You will receive a download link for your Business Start-Up Manual, Sample Forms, and Bonus Manuals immediately after your payment is made. They are in .PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. This is already installed on most computers, or you can easily download it for free from the link at the bottom of the page.

Another guy that love photography