Light is important

Believe it or not, lighting has a big, real big influence on our moods. The way you can go crashing down into a sad, pensive mood as it darkens and the light starting to dim is astonishing. This applies especially to those who live alone. Lighting has a psychological effect on people. The home automation Skrot industry makes use of this concept when designing mood lighting controls. You can take a look at some of the designs in understand this.

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Natural light can now be created within

The happiness you feel on a bright sunny day is incomparable. The sun makes you happy and fresh. Compared to winter when it is all dark and dull within your homes, the summer season is more festive with natural light dancing inside the rooms. Now with the advent of smart homes, the same effect can be recreated within your homes during winter days too. Mood enhancing lights are being found a great boon in this regard. They help to cheer up the room and the people inside. In fact, they are known to be called antidepressants as well. Such lighting can fight depression in many people. Mood enhancing lighting can increase the energy levels in all. People no longer will feel lethargic and lazy. They are in bright moods daily and feel they can achieve everything.

In fact, there is a scientific explanation of this relation between lighting and mood swings.  It has been proved that on dark days, the levels of a soothing brain chemical known as serotonin are at their lowest on. Dr. Mugge said that by when people get brighter light on those days, it would boost their brain serotonin levels as well as restore their good humor.” Seasonal anxiety disorders are highly reduced by introducing mood enhancing lights. Many Light therapy studies have proved that different light colors do indeed affect moods of people. Not only moods, heart rates as well as circadian rhythms are also affected.

Along with the entire room brightening up, such lights 6pave way for bringing in loads of positive energy. The brighter the room is., the happier people living in them are. You will find a bunch of energetic, playful and jolly inmates as compared to those moody, depressed roommates. Women are more prone to mood swings than men without proper lighting.

Kids too are dull and sullen when they are exposed to darkness and low lights. This mindset is taken into consideration when restaurants and other public entertainment venues are being designed. Lights have to be selected as per the role the public place plays in society. It will be totally inappropriate to set up a school building or hospital with low, romantic lights.

Similarly, restaurants need to create an ambiance for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. A designer can help you choose the lighting suited for your home or office as they are aware of how each light is going to affect the user.

By choosing the right light colors to use at the right time of day, you are actually boosting the body’s ability to remain alert and active when needed.

Originally posted 2020-05-21 20:26:28.

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