What to expect from your shoot

Our first conversation will be mainly getting to know one another and the work you need completed. Let’s be honest here pretty much anyone can push the button on a camera and take a photo.

Today’s point and shoot cameras can be very good even with little or no experience. In order to really give you what you want I need to understand what you’re looking for.

We need to get to know each other. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the process I love getting to know my customers. Once I understand what you’re looking for I can tailor my approach to your event.

Customization & Fee Schedule.

During the process of our initial consultation we’ll go over the standard packages available for the type of event you’re scheduling. Hopefully we’ll find one that exactly meets your needs. If not we’ll customize a package to fit what you’re looking for. I believe that flexibility is truly key to any good working relationship. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you have beautiful photos of your special event or portrait session. We’ll work together to make that happen within your means.

Details Details Details.

Depending on the scope of your shoot we’ll need to meet to discuss the fine details. This meeting may happen several days before your shoot or perhaps just before we begin depending how involved we need to get. I’ll need to know if there are special details you want to capture or little things you want to focus on. This is what will define your images as yours and not just generic shots.

Your Shoot.

Once your shoot is in process I’ll work hard to incorporate all I have learned from you in our conversations. I shouldn’t require much input from you leaving you free to enjoy yourself. If we’re taking portraits we’ll work through different poses and locations to find the shots we’re looking for. Smile relax and have fun. I’ll be shooting what you’re looking for and if you come up with something new in the process I’ll incorporate that too.


It’s not uncommon to shoot literally hundreds of photos during a session sometimes significantly more than that. Once the session is complete the photos will be uploaded and painstakingly reviewed by me. The shots that make the cut are processed to fine tune exposure and color they are straightened and cropped (if needed) and re-saved. From the finished product I can then re-process the images as black & white color isolated and creative images. It’s not uncommon to have four different versions of the same shot using different processes. This is a very time consuming process (up to two weeks) but completely necessary.

Review & Purchase.

Once processing is complete the images will be uploaded to this site in a password protected gallery for your review. Multiple galleries will be set up separating different phases of the session as well as processing styles this makes it easier to navigate your photos in stages rather than one huge mass of images. Family and friends abroad can be given the web address and password to review and purchase prints at their convenience. Images will remain on the site for a minimum of one year after publishing.Prints and unique products can be purchased directly through a secure server on your gallery with your major credit card.

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